Radical Housing Network statement on Grenfell

Cautiously pessimistic

From the Radical Housing Network, a London-wide alliance of groups including Grenfell Action Group:

‘Managed decline’ of council housing and contempt for tenants contributed to fire

Radical Housing Network, a London-wide alliance of groups fighting for housing justice, said the Grenfell fire was a tragic consequence of systematic disinvestment in council housing alongside disregard for council tenants safety and their concerns – and called for #JusticeforGrenfell.

The catastrophe at Grenfell Tower was foreseen by a community group on the estate. Just 7 months ago, Grenfell Action Group, a member of Radical Housing Network, warned that failings in the estate management organisation’s health and safety practices were a “recipe for a future major disaster”. These warnings were dismissed by Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) council.

It’s been revealed that Gavin Barwell, Conservative Chief of Staff and ex-Minister for Housing, ‘sat on’ a report warning that tower blocks…

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The horrific fire at Grenfell Tower and the tragic and needless loss of life, with the number of fatalities rising, is too much to fully comprehend at the moment. What we’re going to try and do with this post is comment on what we know so far… Firstly, there are some people saying that the […]

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Statement from Architects for Social Housing on the Grenfell fire —

GRENFELL TOWER FIRE It cannot be a coincidence that the same cladding and insulation used in the 2016 renovation of Grenfell Tower was also used on Lakanal House in Camberwell, which in 2009 similarly went up in flames. But whatever the causes of this fire, what we do know is that the Grenfell Action Group […]

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The Anarchist Revolt Against the Ideology of Not Voting Is Finally Taking Shape in 2017

This is a discussion we’re all having, might as well have it out in the open.

The Coming Anarchy

By Tim Hjersted / filmsforaction.org / Jun 7, 2017

Anarchists have traditionally opposed voting for a variety of ideological reasons. For many, not voting is held as a badge of honor – a way of signaling one’s commitment to anarchist theory. I’ve often thought that this belief in not voting almost represents a sort of religion for some anarchists, due to how they uphold “not voting” as the *one true* anarchist position.

If you vote, then you can’t possibly be “a true anarchist.” Not voting is essentially a purity test among the anarchist faithful, and this hegemony over the spectrum of acceptable thought is often reinforced by other anarchists, who make sure that anyone that disagrees understands that they are not “one of us.”

A couple years ago, I was banned from Infoshop News for simply posting pro-voting arguments on their Facebook page. The idea of…

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Organise! magazine issue 88 Summer 2017

Download Organise! magazine issue 88 Summer 2017


This year’s Martyrs Festival and rally is Friday 14th to Sunday 16th July 2017, our well oiled machine will spring into action on Friday lunchtime, if you haven’t done this with us before it’s a lot of fun. If you have, you know what to expect … View map


Photo by Wheelz.

For a world without leaders, elections, jobs, money, nukes or fascists: Report from Radical Workers’ Bloc at Tolpuddle 2016.