Victory at Autogrill: from LabourStart

Thank you – your support helped contribute to this important win.

Back in May we launched a campaign on LabourStart in support of striking German workers at Autogrill.  5,930 of you signed up to support it.

That campaign, called by the NGG union and its global union federation (the IUF), has now resulted in a victory.  

The IUF has issued this statement:

The German Food Workers Union (NGG) have announced a successful conclusion to their fight for a first-ever collective agreement at Autogrill Germany, where workers in Bavaria and Thuringia have been holding strikes since April. On September 9, Autogrill Germany announced it would be joining the national employer organization for the sector, which would bring Autogrill employees under the national collective agreement for the sector.  The NGG has warmly thanked the many thousands who supported the campaign.

It’s always great to report a victory — but I’d like to ask you to do more:

Make sure you’re supporting ALL eight of our current online campaigns.  Workers on the picket line, workers who have been the victims of employer-initiated violence, workers who have been locked out — they all need your support:

And most important of all: spread the word in your unions about these campaigns.  Share this message by email and on social networks.  Click on any of these links:


Thank you!

Eric Lee

Be Brave Scotland! A Vote For No Just Means More Of The Same Shit. Forever.

Originally posted on the void:

scotland-yes-voteThere are have been few things more joyful recently than watching the British establishment runnung scared as the Scottish referendum draws closer.   When toffs are this panicked you know you’re onto a winner.

It will David Cameron who will pay the price of a vote for Scottish Independence on Thursday.  He will forever be remembered as the Prine Minister who oversaw the break up of the union, and that really means something to the kind of upper class pricks who think Game Of Thrones is an instruction manual on how to run a country.  He will not last long if Scotland votes yes, and questions will also be asked what role Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms played in the result.

But there are far better reasons than just spite to support the yes vote.  One thing that unites increasing numbers of people both north and south of the…

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UKIP Eurosceptic? Only when it suits them…


Trade Deals That Threaten Democracy (A5) – International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations:

Originally posted on The Heckler:

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is being negotiated between the European Union and the United States. Much of this process is being carried on behind the scenes with no meaningful democratic scrutiny and apart from a few journalists such as George Monbiot, it’s hardly been mentioned in the mainstream media. Yet if the TTIP is allowed to go ahead, it will have a significant impact on our lives. See here for the full story in The GuardianThe TTIP deal hands British sovereignty to multinationals

In a nutshell, the TTIP is aimed at stripping away obstacles that impact on the ability of multi-national corporations to make vast profits – such as regulations protecting the environment, food safety and our privacy to name just a few. Crucially, it also opens up public services to cherry picking of the profitable bits by the corporations. A key part…

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Frack Free Solent news.

FFS_001Greening Petersfield presents a showing of GASLAND 7.30pm Thursday 18th September, Winton House Centre, 18 High Street, Petersfield GU32 1QA – Map
£4 (£2 concessions) tickets on the door

Film in brief:
Fracking has unlocked a “Saudia Arabia of natural gas” just beneath us. But is fracking safe? When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, he embarks on a cross-country odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination. A recently drilled nearby Pennsylvania town reports that residents are able to light their drinking water on fire. This is just one of the many absurd and astonishing revelations of a new country called GASLAND. Part verite travelogue, part expose, part mystery, part bluegrass banjo meltdown, part showdown.

London Climate March
A national march has been organised in London on Sunday 21st September 12.30 – 2.30pm to coincide with the upcoming climate talks in New York. Meet at 12:30pm at: Temple Place, WC2R 3BD – Map

March ends at Westminster with a huge group photo outside Parliament. More information

Friends of the Earth Frack Down Day
FoE is planning a national anti-fracking action day on Saturday 11th October. One strand of this work is the idea of putting Anti Fracking stickers on wheelie bins. Tim has a number of stickers on order. If anyone thinks their street / village might make a splash with wheelie bins stickered-up on either 11th or your collection day in the week following, please email him

FoE are still developing campaign ideas – you can contribute here:

March in Chichester

If you can’t make it to the London Climate March this Sunday 21st September, Transition Chichester are organising a local Climate March through the streets of Chichester from 12pm to 1pm to petition the Mayor, District and County Councils.

“In Chichester we plan to march with a petition to the Assembly Rooms in North Street (5 mins) to deliver our petition to the Mayor, where we will invite him to join us and march on to the District Council Offices (10 mins) to hand over the petition to the Leader of the District Council and we will invite her to join us and the Mayor to march on to the County Council Offices in West Street where we hope to deliver the petition to the Leader of the County Council and our MP. End time approx. 1pm”

For more info Contact Transition Chichester or phone 01243 539090

Funtington Public Info Meeting 

Frack Free Solent are helping organise an information meeting about fracking, Friday 24 October at 7.30pm in Funtington Community Village Hall, Southbrook Rd, West Ashling, PO18 8DR. Map

More details to follow.

Contact Frack Free Solent or visit our website

Local fascists convicted of abuse.

Three Berkshire fascists, and one each from Hants and Dorset were part of a drunken mob that harassed Hosan’s kebab van in Thatcham with racial and religious abuse on the 28th February2014. Full story

Accused were: 22-year-old Rory Rowbottom of Hartmead Road, Thatcham; Julie Anne Worthington, aged 35, of Russell Road, Reading; 50-year-old Simon Brammer of Haywards Close, Southampton, and Gary Hazel, aged 38, of Forsyth Gardens, Bournemouth. 44-year-old Edward Cullerne Scovell of Donnington Gardens, Reading, failed to turn up and was convicted in his absence.

Hazel was fined £200 with £200 costs plus a statutory victim surcharge of £20. Brammer was fined £150 with £100 costs and £20 surcharge. Rowbottom and Worthington were eached fined £100 with £100 costs and £20 surcharge. A warrant was issued for Scovell’s arrest.

Of particular interest to South coast antifascists are Simon ‘Rob’ Brammer, pictured below (with Bournemouth fascist Stu Whicher), minus his customary rubber pig mask (can you tell?) and Gary hazel, who spouted a load of bollocks at their recent regional manifestation and showed up at the opening of UKIP’s latest shop. He still has money for beer as he was spotted drinking in Poole this evening by members of BHstopEDL Poole’s John Hardy Centuria.

Hazel got a mention in Bournemouth’s Echo a couple of years ago posturing as an ‘Animal rights campaigner’ – not a species usually favoured by the burghers of Dorset – anyway let’s just put that to sleep, humanely:

Here’s Brammer, on the left (no that’s not the mask), Whicher on the right:


Britain Needs a Revolution, Oct 14th, Brighton


Further to our earlier post, send us your revolutionary callout for 14th October and we’ll share it.

Originally posted on ACABrighton:

On Oct 14th, there will be one of the biggest strikes in several years by public sector workers across the UK. Members of GMB, Unite and Unison will be striking alongside possibly many other unions. Teachers and NHS workers are also being balloted. Potentially 10,000 people will march in Brighton alone. As part of a build-up of momentum for the TUC’s mass demo in London on Oct 18th “Britain Needs a Pay Rise“, ACABrighton are calling for a radical block on this march, under the slogan “Britain Needs a Revolution!”

Red and Black flags flying

Red and Black flags flying.

We will be marching in solidarity with striking workers, building for a general strike and using the platform to spread our radical, anti-capitalist message. We will be marching against the reformist politics of the TUC and trade union bureaucracy. Britain doesn’t need a pay rise, it needs revolution, the destruction of the class…

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Scottish Referendum An Anarchist Viewpoint.

A comradely message to the Scots from the South of England: It’s really quite simple; the fewer people they have to rule the less power the rulers have, and the less power they have the better for all of us.  Politicians of all stripes are terrified you’re going to vote yes, not to mention the bankers, toffs, royals and other parasites, so do it!

(Vote no and) … ” fight in their wars, keep trident, be reduced probably to a cap-doffing line of beaters on the grouse moors while they’re feeding their kids to our political paedo class”


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