An information meeting organised by Frack Free Solent.

Friday 24 Oct 7.30pm

Funtington & District Village Hall,

Southbrook Road, West Ashling PO18 8DR Map.

  • Short film describing fracking
  • Tim Dawes from Frack Free Solent
  • Peter McDowell – on the local geology
  • Question and answer session

The government has rushed to license fracking all over southern England. The area immediately to the west, and another large block to the north, of Funtington village have already been licensed to one of the most aggressive of oil exploration companies, IGas Energy.

One site, Markwells Wood at Forestside, has existing planning permission for further drilling.  IGas is already responsible for a small-scale conventional oil well near Rowlands Castle and others at Singleton.  The company was responsible for the controversial large-scale drilling operation recently at Barton Moss near Manchester. Fracking is a very different process to conventional oil extraction, requiring major industrial complexes at every well-head. Typically well-heads are spaced at 1 mile intervals.

This meeting is your chance to discuss the implications and get informed so you are ready in the event that planning applications start to be made in this area.

Urgent call for solidarity with Turkish Anarchists aiding Kurds at the border with Kobanê


Let’s face it, if the anarchists don’t sort it out, no one else is going to.

Originally posted on Bristol Anarchist Federation:

Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (Revolutionary Anarchist Action) near Kobanê

Kurdish resistance fighters, including many who speak of their commitment to an anarchist inspired social revolution, continue to battle repressive Daesh (ISIS/IS) forces around Kobanê. The optomistic would imagine that the role of the neighbouring Turkish state (a member of the US led coalition against Daesh) would involve opening its nearby border to feeling civilians, aiding those refugees who have already crossed, providing humanitarian assistance to the besieged town, or even actively supporting the resistance.  The reality could not be more different.

Turkish state forces have attempted to seal off the border to both those feeling out of Kobanê and those attempting to bring aid and supplies in to the town (suspicously those arming Daesh forces have been slipping through relatively unharrassed), The Turkish army have also attacked Kurdish refugees

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Support the Anti-Fascist 3 Fundraiser, Oxford 24th October.

Three Anti-Fascists with stories to tell about their experiences confronting fascists in Oxford, London, and Brighton. Two arrests and one set of smashed teeth Facebook event.

Help us raise funds for the fight against fascism – medical fees and court costs! Taking place on Turl Street (if raining, alternate venue).

To break out of the conventional academic format that often replicates the alienation and boredom students feel in classrooms, our edu-art performance will take place on the public streets.

** For legal reasons, we have been advised to be intentionally vague about the fundraising as the aim of the court’s fining system is to cause hardship and the courts have had a history of fining higher if they know fundraising has occurred. Please come to the event to find out more ** Continue reading

Fascists go where they’re told in Pompey

Originally posted on Portsmouth Anti-Fascists:

On Thursday morning local antifascists discovered plans by local EDL members to hold a march in our city that Saturday against a proposed Muslim Faith School.

Feeling confident we were unprepared, the racists excitedly told the local press that “Hundreds would come” and they would be backed up by EDL and Britain First. They weren’t racist however, because this was organised by “ordinary, local people”. (Strangely, the only flags and placards on the demo were EDL, hmmmmm?).

Being the brave foot soldiers they are, they planned a route that would be better classed a hike, covering most of the south of the Island. This route included marching down Elm Grove and Albert Road, Portsmouth’s cultural hub and home to many Asian businesses. Foreseeing the potential clash between the EDL and the mass of Southsea hipsters, artisans and locals, Police wisely told the EDL, they wouldn’t be going near there.


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Revolution will win in Kobanê! Statement of Revolutionary Anarchist Action-DAF


Statement of Revolutionary Anarchist Action-DAF affiliated to International of Anarchist Federations

Published on Thursday, 09 October 2014 16:14

Our Comrades in Boydê Village Reports

It’s the 24th day of ISIS attacks on Kobanê. While people’s defending forces in all border villages are on human shield sentry for Kobanê against attacks, everyone, everywhere in the region we live, rised up not to let Kobanê fall.

We have been on human shield sentry for around three weeks in Boydê village west of Kobanê. In the last two days, explosions and sounds of clashes got intense in Kobanê’s outer districts and town center. During this period of intense clashes, military forces increased their attacks on human shield sentries at border villages. Soldiers of Turkish State has been attacking with gas bombs to those who approach the border from both sides, including the village that we are in, which was attacked on Tuesday. Soldiers also used live ammunition from time to time in their attacks and wounded people.

These attacks on border villages especially mean that ISIS forces are allowed passage through the border. Republic of Turkey’s support to ISIS is clearly visible here as it is there. Of course that’s not the only thing that is clear. We have learned that one of the ISIS leaders commanding the attack on Kobanê got killed by YPJ/YPG forces. Meanwhile clashes today are as intense as before and continued all day long. Sounds of clashes almost never stopped today. However now we know that explosions are made by YPJ/YPG forces. It’s reported that YPJ/YPG forces tactically emptied the streets of Kobanê at town center and ambushed ISIS, neutralizing them with successful tactics.

Everyone’s excited by what’s told at village meetings; one of them is ISIS’ fear of women guerillas. ISIS represents the state, the terror, the massacre and also the patriarchy of course. Because of their belief that they cannot be so-called “martyrs” when they get killed by a women guerilla, a YPJ fighter, they are scared of encountering YPJ forces. Because when they encounter them, the women who “fight” against them show no mercy to the ISIS lot. This is the freedom against patriarchy created by YPJ fighting.

The rebellion that rises in all of Kurdistan and all cities of Anatolia in the last two days, makes us feel the invincibility of organized people. These rebellions increase the confidence in revolution for everyone in Kobanê, in villages at Kobanê border, and in all of Rojava. Whenever a sister or brother falls, although we feel the sorrow, it intensifies everyone’s anger and power here. Requiems that start with hitting on knees turn into halay dance with feet kicking fast and strong enough to crack the earth. Thus our sorrow bursts into anger, fast and strong.

This is just what everyone needs here. For the freedom and revolution that’s craved, despite everything.

Long live the People’s Kobanê Resistance!

Long live the People’s Rojava Revolution!

Long live our Revolutionary Anarchist Action!

Revolutionary Anarchist Action-DAF


Report from Bristols Latest Act of Resistance to Workfare

Originally posted on Bristol Anarchist Federation:

Click here to read our 'workfare FAQ' leaflet from the day

Click here to read our ‘workfare FAQ’ leaflet from the day

On Saturday Bristol AFed members were joined by other local activists for  a picket of notorious workfare scheme users poundland.  This was one of many nationwide actions this week in response to a call from boycott workfare, including an awesome occupation of Urban Futures in London, and the shutting down of Learn Direct in Edinburgh.

Our action was a little less confrontational (this time!), as we took the oppurtunity that protests in our local communities give us to engage in longer and more meaningful conversations with people living, working and shopping in (in this case) Bedminster. Over two hours we handed out around 300 leaflets to almost universal support, and only one spotted dropped on the floor.

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It’s time for Aaron Kiely to go


The left, like the bourgeoisie, need to stop imposing their own agenda on other people’s struggles.

Originally posted on The Heckler:

As many long suffering residents of the Ockendon ward are aware, their ‘councillor’ Aaron Kiely is deeply involved in student politics in his role as an NUS Black Students’ Officer. We have already written about Kiely’s neglect of the people in the ward he’s supposed to be representing – The strange affair of councillor Aaron Kiely We don’t normally get involved in student politics as it falls well outside of our normal remit. However, the latest aspect of Kiely’s conduct that has been drawn to our attention gives us no option but to respond. To paraphrase, this is what happened…

A motion was submitted to the National Executive of the NUS calling for solidarity with the Kurdish people who are battling against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The motion was opposed by Malia Bouattia, the NUS Black Students’ Officer who argued that the motion was “Islamophobic” and “pro…

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