Where your money went: Tesco’s banker spent 18 grand on taxis in 8 months.

Tesco Bank boss Benny Higgins spent more than £18,000 on taxis. The Guardian, 20th May.

Their Tesco value car insurance is a fucking rip off as well.

Their Tesco value car insurance is a fucking rip off as well.

March 31st day of action against workfare!


In support of the three days of action against austerity called by the International Workers’ Association and the M31 European day of action against capitalism called by various groups.

We intend a picket/leaflet of one of the national firms participating in a workfare scheme, in the Bournemouth area. This will be followed by a communications blockade on the 2nd. The lucky recipient of our attentions will be revealed in due course – watch this space – but I bet you’ve got a pretty good idea! This is a nationwide initiative originating from the Solidarity Federation but now taken up by a wide range of anti-workfare groups across the country.

March 31st day of action against workfare

Provisional meeting point Flirt Cafe Bar 11:00.

Unit 1, 21 The Triangle, BH2 5RG Bournemouth Dorset

Get Directions 

This is intended as a non-sectarian demonstration of working class unity, so please invite anyone you think would like to come.

More info:

Factsheet: 5 kinds of workfare
Boycott workfare site
We’ll have flyers from various organisations but everyone is free to bring their own, see here:
Flyers for workfare      Workfare Pamphlet SF
Update on FOI requests

Flyers for workfare

IWW Flyer 2 sided:

BW Front     BW Back

Solfed generic flyer:

.pdf                .doc

Solfed’s Abolish Workfare pamphlet pdf

For CWU members at Royail Mail:

BPACC End unpaid work

From Bristol Indymedia:

Tesco value staff member

Generic flyers in English and Welsh pdfs here:


Holland & Barrett specific flyers in colour, B&W and toner friendly grey:


The SF ones with H&B specific page – could print A4 or A5 double sided perhaps.

.pdf                  .doc

and Boycott Tesco in English and Welsh:


Have fun!