‘How Labour Governed’ – 1945-1951: Event from: Bristol Radical History Festival.

Event from: Bristol Radical History Festival

1945: The war in Europe has just ended and the Labour Party wins a resounding general election victory. What follows is celebrated on much of the left as a period of progressive government which should inspire us to build a fairer society.

However, at the time, critics pointed out that every socialist principle had been betrayed by politicians. In fact this was really a period much like any other, marked by continued militarism, colonialist suppression, racism, austerity and reactionary politics. The Syndicalist Worker’s Federation outlined their criticisms in the pamphlet How Labour governed and we reflect on their pamphlet to examine the legacy of the post-war Labour Government.

If you’d like to download a copy in printer’s pairs, click here: Prints: size, A5, double sided, B&W. Text retrieved from a scanned copy of the original 1960 SWF edition, which can be viewed here.


Anarchist Communist Group.

We are sickened but not entirely surprised to learn that the SNP[Scottish National Party]-run Glasgow City Council has threatened to bring in scabs against the striking cleansing workers and is bullying the GMB union with threats of billing them with the scabbing costs.

The SNP has a reputation for talking left and acting right, but this is beyond the pale. Any party that claims to be on the side of the ordinary worker does not use scabbing tactics.

This comes after an unsavoury scramble by many online nationalists to denounce the striking workers as “talking Scotland down” or being “dupes of the Labour Party”. Such simplistic anti-worker bile is to be expected of these keyboard clowns, devoid as they are of any class solidarity, but it was hoped that the SNP itself might have been more tuned in to the reality. It is abhorrent that instead they have gone with these capitalist, anti-worker divide-and-rule tactics.

We in the ACG [Anarchist Communist Group UK] believe in working class solidarity. We support the cleansing workers in their time of need because we know that when our time of need comes, they will support us. That’s how class struggle works.


‘We believe in ending all deportations’ – our birthday message to British Airways


In the run-up to British Airways (BA)’s 100th birthday this August, the airline ran an advertising campaign centred around 100 “love-letters” to Britain from staff, celebrities, and the public. In response, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants (LGSMigrants), a direct action group which works to resist borders and deportations, sent BA 100 letters from migrants, former and current BA staff, BA customers, politicians, artists, anti-racist organisations and activists, all asking BA to end its contracts with the Home Office and to help stop deportations. Drag queen Helvetica Bold went to BA’s headquarters in London in an attempt to deliver the letters by hand. We put an ad hack on the London Underground, planted a Tinderbot in airports, disrupted an Airlines UK industry dinner and invited ourselves onstage to join BA’s CEO at the launch of BA’s centenary exhibition in London’s Saatchi Gallery, all to encourage BA to stop deporting people on behalf of the British government. As the Institute of Race Relations puts in its letter, BA “remained unmoved”.

Deportations are brutal and dehumanising […] Full post

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