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Unquiet Graves Uncovering Britain’s Secret War in Ireland

Bristol Radical History Group

Unquiet Graves Poster

Between 1972 and 1978 more than 120 innocent civilians in Northern Ireland were murdered. Documentary director Sean Murray set out to investigate and found disturbing evidence of collusion between the Royal Ulster Constabulary, the Ulster Defence Regiment and loyalist death squads. Sean Murray will present the documentary.

“…outstanding documentary film-making combining in-depth research and personal testimony to expose the undeniable truth of state collusion and its fatal consequences.” Phil Scraton, author “Hillsborough: The Truth”.

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A few thoughts on BBC ‘impartiality’

We well remember the bollocking they gave Michael Foot for failing to imitate the toff style at the cenotaph.

Here’s Mark Wallace, executive editor of conservative home, echoing Dr Goebbels:

“In fairness” the lie worked, and that’s all that matters in politics.


A still showing the wreath the prime minister laid the wrong way round

A still from a clip of the 2016 Remembrance Sunday service the BBC ended up showing

There has been a lot of comment on social media about footage of Boris Johnson at last Sunday’s Remembrance commemorations at the Cenotaph in Whitehall. Footage which shows him looking a bit tired (possibly hungover?), somewhat scruffy, stepping out at the wrong moment to lay his wreath then stepping back and finally, laying the wreath the wrong way round. Footage which isn’t going to do his image a lot of good as we head into a toxic election campaign. Here’s how it was reported: Remembrance Sunday: Boris Johnson pictured laying wreath on Cenotaph upside down.

When the BBC reported the commemorations on the news that evening, they showed footage dating from 2016 of Johnson laying a wreath at the Cenotaph: BBC…

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Bent Councillors

We’ve got our fair share of Bent Councillors down here as well, are any of them to be trusted?

Send us your examples.

Amber Rudd in cover up of Seig Heiling toffs paid to canvass in Hastings

pdf with rest of pictures

Desperate measures have been taken by MP for Hastings & Rye, Amber Rudd, embarrassed by evidence that far-right Oxford University students have been paid to canvass for her in Hastings. The precarious incumbent MP, with a slender majority of 346, has gone to extreme measures to boost her waning popularity.

Apparently this cunt lives in Bournemouth, click him for his facebook page.

On Friday, Hastings Solidarity released photographs of far-right recruitment in the ultra privileged Conservative Association at Oxford University. In a Facebook event students were told they would be paid to travel to Hastings to help canvass for the ailing MP. 5 Tory students stated their intention to travel. After a short investigation Hastings Solidarity found shocking and blatant evidence of genocidal politics with one student, George Wright, proudly performing a Nazi salute. The Hastings & Rye Conservative chairman Graeme Williams lied on Twitter using the Donald Trump tactic of smearing factual reporting as “Fake News!”, incompetently he even got the phrase wrong and called it “False News!”. Just like Donald Trump he used his lies to protect white supremacists. Facebook has been pressured by Rudd’s campaign to remove the Hastings Solidarity article with evidence of seig heiling, students that were being paid to travel to Hastings to canvass for the politician.

The millionaire Rudd, MP of the deprived constituency of Hastings & Rye has employed extreme tactics to improve her declining popularity. She’s hired the infamous Australian Tory propagandist Lynton Crosby. Lynton’s previous assignment was the last general election where he was paid £4,000,000 total averaging at £85,000 per day . We ask how much is he being paid to promote the dangerously incompetent Home Secretary? The Chief Tory whip ordered MPs to attending the canvassing but HaSol saw no evidence of their attendance. The Conservatives successfully pressured Facebook to remove Hastings Solidarity’s article but we still have the article on the website and on the HaSol Twitter account.

And so have we.