Tower Rewards? It’s Tower Robbery!


Tower robbery
UNISON members working for Tower Hamlets Council and in Community Schools are getting ready to take strike action after smashing through the Tory industrial action threshold of 50% turnout. Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action to stop the imposition of a new contract that would worsen their terms and conditions. The ballot result was 98% of members in schools and 89.6% in councils voting to come out on strike!

Strikes will take place on 24 March and 1 and 2 April, with more dates planned after Easter. Camden UNISON will be publicising any marches/rallies and protests that members can support as soon as we have the details. It’s some time since we’ve had a strike across a whole Council and so they need to know fellow trade union members support them. Tower Hamlets UNISON was the single biggest donor to our traffic wardens when they were on strike, and members visited their picket lines and came on our marches so it’s time for us to return the solidarity! Camden UNISON has already agreed to send a message of support and make a donation to to both trade unions involved (UNISON and NEU, the teachers’ union).

The new Council contract will include cutting a range of allowances, slash severance pay, reduce the current flexi scheme and worsen pay on some grades.

The council are ironically calling the new contract ‘Tower Rewards’ but UNISON has rebranded it ‘Tower Robbery’.

The council issued 12 weeks’ notice to all council staff meaning if they don’t accept the new contract they will be sacked and out of a job on the 13 April 2020.

UNISON is now in talks with the NEU to coordinate strike action after teachers impacted by Tower Robbery also successfully voted to take industrial action.

Assistant Branch Secretary, Kerie Anne, said: “The council’s treatment of hardworking and dedicated staff providing public services has been shocking, as has the behaviour from senior managers through the consultation process. Rather than wearing UNISON members down it has had the opposite effect and galvanised the workforce to fight back. Disappointingly senior managers have not spoken to UNISON branch officers for months, preferring to communicate instead by a series of formal letters threatening to take the union to court to stop its ballots and raising other frivolous complaints. Now that they are faced with a concrete threat of a strike that has the potential to shut this borough down, Tower Hamlets Council must abandon its high handed and aggressive methods and begin genuine talks with us to settle this dispute.”

The ACG’s Rebel Education Worker issue 1 is out!


As UCU takes part in 14 days of strike action, stepping up from eight days towards the end of 2019, ACG members of UCU have published the first issue of their bulletin, to be distributed on a picket line near you!

It’s A5 double sided, so just download a copy from this page, print however many you want back to back, then chop it into two flyers.

To contact ACG Rebel Education Worker, email

DOWNLOAD Rebel Education Worker 1

Leicester People’s University Upcoming Sessions

Leicester People’s University

free higher education for the people of leicester!

All upcoming sessions will be held in the Exchange Bar (either in the cellar or in the smaller room near the bar): 50 Rutland St, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 1RD. In terms of format, each session will include some lecturing, some group discussion and some plenary discussion.

Visions of a society without a government – 2 February 2019, 13:30-17:30

Is organised human life possible without a state? Could it be even better than the situation we have now? Why have so many people and movements fought for a world without government? This session, led by Anarchist Communist Group member Sam Hilton, will explore the history of radical anti-statist movements and look at the potential these movements and ideas have in our society today.

Austerity in Leicester and seven other international cities: lessons on governance and resistance – 2 March 2019, 13:30-17:30

Austerity has been delivered in the UK without triggering much resistance, including in Leicester. Other cities across the world have suffered austerity too. What lessons can be drawn for Leicester from both its own experience and that of those different cities? In this session, Jonathan Davies from the DMU Centre for Urban Research on Austerity will talk about his recent research on the international experience of austerity and resistance in Athens, Baltimore, Barcelona, Dublin, Leicester, Melbourne, Montreal and Nantes, in order to draw lessons for the people of Leicester today.

To repair or not to repair – 6 April 2019, 13:30-17:30

by Leicester Fixers..

Temporary future dates for your diaries
We’re working on a programme for the next academic year. More details to follow. The dates are likely to be:

4 May
1 June
6 July – on Productivity or whatever happened to the shorter working week, with David Harvie



Tories: not only dishonest but thick as pig shit. How do they get away with it?

The new education secretary, I wouldn’t trust this fuckwit to run a bath, but then Gove was a hard act to follow.

IWW Scottish Education Workers’ Network: What We Stand For

sewn-logoWhat We Stand For:  

Worker and student rights and self-organisation / Opposition to casualisation/precarious work / A vision for education / Full funding / Industrial (sector-wide) organising / Actions and campaigns / International contacts / Equality and diversity / Countering bullying, harassment, and discrimination / Research, scholarship and knowledge creation

Full statement here: