Reference Library

Reference library

These documents are in the process of being migrated to a new site When this is done we will be able to upload new content and this page will be replaced with a link to the index. For now all links should work from here; if you find any broken, please let us know – thanks!

A short history of British Anarcho-syndicalism.pdf

ABC of Anarchism – alexander Berkman

Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, The Sixties, and Beyond – Martin A. Lee, Bruce Shlain

After the Revolution – Diego Abad De Santillan; pdf prints out as A5 booklet.

After the Revolution – Diego Abad De Santillan; pdf document with links to chapters.

ANALYSIS – British Islamism: Towards an Anarchist Response (by Paul Stott)

An Anarchist argument for left unity – Mal Content. A5 pdf  booklet

Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism – Rudolf Rocker (pdf)

Anarchism: Arguments for and against by Albert Meltzer

Anarchist analysis of the global capitalist crisis – by WSM

The Anarchist origins of Mayday – pdf

Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War Vol 1 – R.J. Alexander

Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War Vol 2 – R.J. Alexander

Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution – Jose Peirats

Anarchism and Other Essays – Emma Goldman

Anarchism and the Black Revolution – Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

The Anarchist Revolution – Nestor Makhno pdf


Anarchy Comix pdf

Anarchy in action – Colin Ward pdf

The Angry Brigade 1967-1984: documents and chronology


Are you an anarchist? (pdf Leaflet)

Atamansha (a short biography of Marusya Nikiforova)

Bash the Fash, Antifascist Recollections 1984-1993 – Direct Action Movement.

Basic Anarcho-Syndicalism

Beyond Resistance – Anarchist Federation

Bodyhammer: tactics and self-defence for the modern protester – By Sarin pdf

The Bolsheviks and Workers’ Control – Maurice brinton

Bread and Roses: The 1912 Lawrence Textile Strike – By Joyce Kornbluh (pdf) A5

Brian Morris reader

Buffy the Anarchosyndicalist (pdf comic)

Build your own solidarity network – Seattle Solidarity Network (Seasol) .pdf

Business Unionism vs. Revolutionary Unionism

Bust cards (by region)

Caliban and the witch – Silvia Federici

Cameron I would call you a cunt – Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores

Capital Vol1 – Karl Marx

Capital Vol2 – Karl Marx

Capital Vol3 – Karl Marx

Capitalism What is it and how can we destroy it? – Shahin

Chomsky’s Libertarian Socialism – Alison Edgeley (pdf)

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution Vol 1 – Jose Peirats

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution Vol 2 – Jose Peirats

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution Vol 3.1 – Jose Peirats

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution Vol 3.2 – Jose Peirats

Collectives in the Spanish revolution – Gaston Leval

The Coming Insurrection – by The Invisible Committee

Comintern Documents Vol 3 1929-1943

Communist Manifesto – Marx/Engels pdf

Concerning the Violent Peace-Police, An Open Letter to Chris Hedges – David Graeber

The Confederal Concept of Libertarian Communism (Zaragoza programme) May 1936

Constructive Anarchism: the debate on the Platform By G. P. Maksimov

Co-operatives: Springboard to revolution or hipster capitalism – By Scanx

‘A Critique of Marxism’- Sam Dolgoff:

A Day Mournful and Overcast – by an ‘Uncontrollable’ from the Iron Column.

Des Warren’s letter from prison to Peter Carter

Direct Action – Emile Pouget (pdf)

Direct Action in Industry: A Direct Action Movement Publication (pdf A5 booklet)

Direct Action Handbook

Direct Unionism – A discussion paper

Do it yourself; A handbook for changing our world – Trapese

Durruti in the Spanish Revolution – Abel Paz

The Economic consequences of the peace – John Maynard Keynes

The Economics of Freedom pdf A5 Booklet – SolFed

Emma Goldman Archive – Writings

Emma Goldman, a voice for women? – Donna Farmer (A5)

False Dilemmas: A Critical Guide to the Eurozone Crisis – Corporate Watch.

Feminism is for Everybody – Bell Hooks (scanned)

The Fetish Speaks – Fredy Perlman

Fighting For Ourselves: Anarcho-Syndicalism and the Class Struggle (pdf) – Solidarity Federation

The Friends of Durruti: a chronology – Paul Sharkey

The Freedpm to Succeed, Anarchist collectives in the Spanish countryside – Deirdre Hogan

Friendly societies against the Big Society – Carlos Guarita pdf (Prints as A5 booklet)

Future Society: Sylvia Pankhurst 1923 2 sides A5

Graeber interview, anarchist anthropology

Green flame Kropotkin and the birth of ecology – Graham Purchase pdf A5 booklet

Hate on the streets: Xenophobic violence in Greece – Human rights watch pdf

Health and Safety at work, an Anarchosyndicalist approach A5 Booklet – SolFed

Homage to Catalonia – George Orwell (pdf)

How anarchists, syndicalists, socialists and IWW militants were drawn to Bolshevism: four case studies

How labour governed 1945-51 – S.W.F. reprinted

How to set up a housing co-op – Radical Routes

‘Industrial Unionism and Constructive Socialism’- James Connolly

Intersections of Anarcho-Feminism: Emma Goldman, Mujeres Libres and the Spanish Civil War – Alexandra Wright

Introduction to Anarchist Communism – Anarchist Federation

THE IRON FIST BEHIND THE INVISIBLE HAND Corporate Capitalism As a State-Guaranteed System of Privilege – Kevin A. Carson

Italy 1920 (pamphlet about the strikes and occupations that swept the country)

The Iva Valley Shooting at Enugu Colliery Nigeria, African Workers’ Aspirations and the Failure of Colonial Labor Reform – Carolyn A. Brown, Ph.D

IWW History

IWW History Structure And Methods pdf

IWW Organising Manual (pdf)

IWW youtube channel

‘John Brown’s Body: 150 years is a long time to moulder’ – Paul Z. Simons

‘The Justice Motive: Where Social Psychologists Found It, How they Lost It, and Why They May Not Find It Again’ – Melvin J. Lerner

Kronstadt 90th anniversary commemoration -Shawn Hatting pdf booklet

The Kronstadt Rebellion – Alexander Berkman pdf booklet

The Kronstadt uprising of 1921 – Ida Mett pdf booklet

Kropotkin and Lenin

Libcom Introductory guides:

Libcom Introductions to political theories:

Libertarian Socialism Chomsky lecture Oslo

Libertarias – Feature film about the Mujeres Libres free women’s militia

Lidiap – List of digitized anarchist periodicals

Living Utopia (The Anarchists and the Spanish Revolution) CNT AIT FAI Ⓐ

The Making of the English Working Class – E.P. Thompson

Marx’s economics for anarchists – Wayne Price

Marx’s economics for anarchists pdf A5 booklet

Men, sexism and the class struggle

The metaphysical Subtleties of the Commodity – Anselm Jappe

Methods of Struggle: Anarchosyndicalist Tactics

Militant anti-fascism and the occupy movement

The Miners’ Next Step – Unofficial Reform Committee, Tonypandy 1912

The Money Trick – by Robert Tressel (pdf)

Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution – By Peter Kropotkin

Murray Bookchin collected works (on Anarchist Archives

No comment 4th edition .pdf

New integralist conservatism briefing – Libcom

New Unionism article: Strike wave signals global shift

Nestor Makhno a theoretician of anarchosyndicalism – Klas Batalo.pdf”

“Only the Organised Survive!” A Rebel Worker Handbook

Organization Theory A Libertarian Perspective – Kevin A. Carson

Organizational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists (Draft) – (Dielo Truda (Nestor Makhno, Ida Mett, Piotr Archinov, Valevsky, Linsky))

Organisational platform of the general union of Anarchists (Draft) pdf A5 Booklet

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State – Freidrich Engels

The past didn’t go anywhere. Making resistance to antisemitism part of all of our movements – April Rosenblum (A5)

Patriarchy, civilisation and the origins of gender – John Zerzan pdf A5 booklet

Place of the Individual in Society – Emma Goldman

Policing the Recession: Unemployment, Social Protest and Law-and-Order in Barcelona, 1930-1936 – Christopher Ealham

Political persecution in Republican Spain – Emma Goldman 1937

Nihilism, Anarchy, and the 21st century – Aragorn!

The Politics of Voices: Notes on Gender, Race & Class – Aidan Rowe

The Poverty of Statism – Debate: Bukharin/Fabbri

Prison Works psf

Proudhon in the closet – Daniel Guerin

‘The psychology of system justification and the palliative function of ideology’ – John T. Jost & Orsolya Hunyady (scanned)

‘The psychology of system justification and the palliative function of ideology’ – John T. Jost & Orsolya Hunyady A5 booklet

The Queer Commie Feminist’s Guide to Self-Care

Race, class and organisation – Workers Solidarity Federation

Racism and the Class Struggle (pdf)

Radical Agriculture – Murray Bookchin

Rebellion in Tottenham 2011

Rebranding fascism (a report on the ‘National Anarchist Movement’, a front for old fascists

The revolutionary message of the Friends of Durruti

The RevolutionaryGeneral Strike in an Era Of Casualisation

Revolutionary Unionism its Theory and Practice – Emma Goldman

The Rival Durrutis: The Posthumous
Cult of Personality of Buenaventura Durruti, November, 1936 – June, 1937 – Christopher Bannister

Running a crèche

The Russian Tragedy – Alexander Berkman

Sabate Guerilla Extraordinary – Antonio Tellez

“Separate and Equal”? Mujeres Libres and Anarchist Strategy for Women’s Emancipation – Martha A. Ackelsberg

Servicing Customers in Revolutionary Times: The Experience of the Collectivized Barcelona Water Company during the Spanish Civil War – Santiago Gorostiza, Hug March and David Sauri

Servicing Customers in Revolutionary Times: The Experience of the Collectivized Barcelona Water Company during the Spanish Civil War – Santiago Gorostiza, Hug March and David Sauri A5 booklet

Should you ignore police bail conditions – LDMG (2 sided pdf Leaflet)

Sisters in Arms: Women in the Spanish Revolution – Various essays pdf

The Social Behavior of Chimpanzees and bonobos – Craig B. Stanford

The Social General Strike – Tom Brown

Socialism from Below: Defining Anarchism – Lucien van der Walt and Michael Schmidt

Solfed pamphlets

Solfed’s Youtube channel

Solidarity by Staughton Lynd

The Soviet Union Versus Socialism – Noam Chomsky; Our Generation, Spring/Summer, 1986

The Spanish Civil War Anarchism in Action pdf

Sprout Distro

Steal this book – Abbie Hoffman pdf

The struggle against fascism begins with the struggle against Bolshevism by Otto Rühle

Studies in Mutualist Political Economy – Kevin A. Carson.

Student Organiser’s Handbook

Suing the police .pdf

Theorizing Patriarchy – Sylvia Walby (scanned)

These days in history 19th-20th July 1936 Tolpuddle 2014 edition – Mal Content

Think it over: An introduction to the Industrial Workers of the World – Tim Acott

Think it over: An introduction to the Industrial Workers of the World – Tim Acott A5 booklet

This is Not England, this is Brighton.

Thoughts about community support around intimate violence.

Towards a fresh revolution: Friends of Durruti 1938

Trade Deals That Threaten Democracy (A5) – International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations

Trade Unionism veresus Anarchosyndicalism (pdf Leaflet) – Albert Meltzer

The tragedy of Spain Rudolf Rocker_pdf

Trotsky protests too much – by Emma Goldman (pdf)

Trotspotting: Everything you always wanted to know about sects (but were afraid to ask)…

Unite Against Fascism EDL fact sheet, printable A4

Unsung Struggle, resistance to Franco 1939-51 (and the assasination attempt from the air) – Antonio Tellez

Using the Atos complaints procedure pdf

Vision on Fire – Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution

The Wage System – Pyotr Kropotkin A5 pamphlet taken from the Conquest of Bread

Weakening the dam – Twin Cities IWW .pdf

The Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith (Theory of market capitalism)

‘We Are All Leaders’ : Anarchism and the Narrative of the Industrial Workers of the World by Jonathan A. Christiansen (pdf)

What Happened at Fords – Ken Weller (AEU) and Ernie Stanton (NUVB) A5

What Is Anarchism? An Introduction: Donald Rooum and Freedom Press (ed.)

Women in the spanish revolution – Liz Willis

The workers’ committee, an outline of its priciples and structure -J.T. Murphy, Sheffield workers’ committee 1917

Workers Power archive from IWW’s Industrial Worker newspaper

Yelensky’s Fable, a history of the Anarchist Black Cross – Matthew Hart

Youngstown Workers’ Solidarity Club – Stewards corner This link is broken – anyone know where to find this document?

Zabalaza books – Titles too numerous to list, free pdf booklets for download



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