This is the perspective of one Alarm member. Just some things to consider whilst organising – By Yodet


(Across London Anarchist Revolutionary Mob)

This is the perspective of one Alarm member. Just some things to consider whilst organising.

1. As Anarchists we believe a self-organised collective process is the key to organizing, one that does away with hierarchical structures and egos. Meetings should always either have a concise action plan or take the form of a discussion group/Conscious Raising Group.

2. Think big! Think global! A network alliance/Federation of sorts made up of local grass roots groups should be in our sights and our long term goal. Whilst always upholding autonomy.

3. Be prepared for direct action. Sooner or later the State, or those seeking to protect their privilege, will try and quash what you have created if they feel threatened in any way. Just look at the Paris Commune in 1871 as one example of many.

4. Never lose the radical but also don’t be afraid to be creative and imaginative with getting your message across.

5. Remember to always include women in your decision making or you’ve failed before you’ve begun. Make a firm commitment to fighting patriarchy as much as racism, capitalism and the State.

6. Always challenge and stop behaviour that is clearly offensive or abusive. We don’t want to replicate what we have to go through under  capitalism. We want to create a better society.

7. A fluid and transparent people’s assembly is a good model to follow. Everyone’s needs must be addressed, and representation for those needs is as far as we should go when it comes to positions of power.

8. Everyone should be made accountable. We do not live in a democracy at present and those in power are not made accountable.

9. Our enemy’s enemy is Not our friend. Why settle for that? It’s important to realise that if we are on the right track our message will be successful in winning over public opinion instead of failing to.

10. Never settle for anything less than a substantial restructuring of power based on organized resistance. We are not liberals.

11. Numbers are not initially important. Just as long as you’re growing steadily in numbers and you are generating interest for your group. Remember quality over quantity.

12. Don’t be afraid of being critical of yourselves and to change with the times. Reflect on what the current real issues/needs are.

13. How we communicate with others is possibly the most important thing. Do you go out of your way to welcome new comers so they don’t feel isolated? Make sure you follow up by taking contact details.

14. Analysis of class, race and feminism should be at the heart of the things. Promoting environmental issues is also very important. To prepare for the revolution we have to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible. Control of food production would mean ultimately the end of criminal injustices against the earth and all living on it.

15. Go propaganda crazy! Make stickers, badges, posters, zines etc and take over the streets with your message.

16. And lastly, each one teach one. Hold skill shares on a regular basis. Knowledge is for sharing.


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