30th November 2011

Today saw the first outing of the newly formed Wessex Solidarity, an affinity group for those sharing the goal of creating a classless, stateless society through industrial organisation and direct action.

9 members and their families assembled ahead of the TUC pensions rally outside Bournemouth library where we were joined by other UK uncut activists; I gave an interview for some media students and handed out some IWW forms, which were enthusiastically received.

We joined the TUC march and with around two thousand others – an outstanding turnout for Bournemouth, made our way to the Bath Hotel, where a few hundred lucky union people were ushered inside for a mutual congratulation session.

The rest of the march was ‘allowed’ to assemble in the gardens by the pavilion, to do speeches and stuff; we quickly got bored, so with a couple of flags and a P.A. system set off for a bit of a stroll, accompanied by UK Uncut and some SWP, still clutching their newspapers.

Heading down to Barclays we picked up a growing crowd of teenagers and schoolkids, which soon numbered well over a hundred, the chanting turned from pensions to education cuts – they all know the score by now! With the youngsters in mind, we decided not to enter the building but instead had a noisy static outside; our spokesman for the day, the masked anarchist on the mic, did a great job of explaining our point of view to the crowds.

On to Vodafone, who locked the doors and called the cops, we stayed just long enough to make our point before moving on to the next great tax avoider, where some Unison members showed up with their horns; the youth by now becoming excitable were gently discouraged from lobbing stink bombs into Top Shop as we were getting a warm reception from the (mainly retired) afternoon shoppers, the security really did look like they were having a bad day!

Finally we headed up the town hall and gave them some for evicting the occupation, our idea of having a bit of a party in the town square was aborted at the sound of sirens, so as agreed, we sent the kids on their way and diffused into the crowd.

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