The situation is more than serious and should not be underestimated. The spread of the virus will have grave consequences on the Bulgarian people and the economy.

Neoliberal capitalism is a much scarier virus. It destroys social systems, and healthcare. It destroys social ties, promotes individualism, selfishness and consumerism.

Not surprisingly, the contagion came from northwestern Bulgaria, where social devastation drove the population into forced labor migration, in particular in Italy.

Against the background of the chaotic actions of the authorities, the ARC calls for people to stay united, to stand in solidarity with one another, to stand in solidarity with doctors, medical specialists, orderlies and all frontline healthcare professionals.

Show the culture and attitudes of human beings, not the homo neolibericus, which fights for toilet paper on malls and hypermarkets …

We warn the authorities and the entire ruling class that if they use the state of emergency for political purposes or to restrict the rights and freedoms of Bulgarian citizens, they will meet a resistance they did not expect.

Autonomous Workers’ Confederation

International repression news: Bulgaria, Belarus, Indonesia, the US and more

Cautiously pessimistic

JOCKIn Bulgaria, antifascist prisoner and prison organiser Jock Palfreeman continues his hunger strike, which has now gone on for a month. The Bulgarian families and friends of prisoners group write:

“Jock Palfreeman’s hunger strike is in its 30th day today, May 21st. On April 21st 2019, Palfreeman declared a hunger strike due to the systematic pressure and harassment that he has been subjected to over the last two years from the prison administration and the Ministry of Justice because of his human rights work with Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association and as a form of protest against widespread corruption and abuse of power in Bulgarian prisons.

Palfreeman and BRPA are targeted for the political work they are doing within prisons and for speaking up against its administration and representatives of the Ministry of Justice!

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Sofia, Bulgaria: Update on Day 16 of Jock Palfreeman’s Hunger Strike

06.05.19: Day 16th of Jock Palfreeman’s hunger strike as a protest against corruption and abuse of power by the staff of Sofia Prison and its chief in particular.

After his transfer from the Kazichene prison to the Sofia Prison (in order to be put under medical observation), he was harassed by guards.

On Saturday, May 4th, the chief of the shift refused him access to the prison shop from which prisoners buy various items, including phone cards. Thus, Jock has been denied any access to the outside world by not being able to speak over the phone.

He was put in isolation for a few days in the Infectious Disease Unit of the Prison Hospital in Sofia Prison, including among tuberculosis patients. He therefore has refused any medical examinations as a protest against attempts to be deliberately infected.

(via Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association)

Bulgaria: Antifascist Prisoner Jock Palfreeman is on Hunger Strike

Our unconditional solidarity to comrade Jock Palfreeman


Since this Sunday, 21st of April, Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association Chairman of the Board Jock Palfreeman is on hunger strike as a protest against the corruption and abuse of power by the management of Sofia Prison, and in particular, the chief of staff, Desilav Angelov Traykov.
You can send messages of solidarity with Jock’s hunger strike to the Bulgarian Justice Ministry (Министерство На Правосъдието) here: https://newweb.mjs.bg/en/contacts/
You could even leave a message on their Facebook page

When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Is A Duty!

(via Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association)

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