…now you know that this is the end

The cautiously pessimistic blog will be missed, one of the few, along with the void, that we broadly agreed with on most things. With the class war on this island hotting up at last there’s a lot to be said for getting off your arse and talking with fellow workers face to face. We could be making a lot more of the public sector strike wave. If everyone who reads these blogs put in an hour a week on one or another picket line it would make a difference, you can write about it when you get home.

Cautiously pessimistic

Is it possible to do a thing forever
And learn nothing? And get no better?

For anyone still following this blog, you might’ve noticed that the frequency of posts had decreased to about once a month, and then to nothing at all for the last few months. As the year draws to a close, now seems as good a time as any to draw a line under this project, and indulge in a little reflection on the past twelve years or so.

Keeping an obscure anarchist wordpress blog alive for a little over a decade means it’s lasted through some pretty major shifts in how people use the internet for organising. When I started out, Indymedia was probably past its peak but still a viable resource that people used, and it then gave way to a period when anyone organising an event would be promoting it on Facebook, which feels…

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