Strike!  If they want war let’s give them the Class War

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Government has two key jobs to deliver on, ‘bread and circuses. Keeping people fed and distracted is essential to its survival. We know it is in crisis when the circus takes place in the seat of power and the bakery shuts. Hunger and chaos are the death knells of dictatorship.

With the end of preoccupation caused by the demise of Queen Liz and Prime Minister Liz, the government is turning all guns blazing on us. If it can’t deliver, it has to crush.

This will present us as workers with the greatest challenge of the current wave of strikes. As union leaders pause momentum, calling truces for dead monarchs and promises of talks, the government is not preparing to pull its punches. Instead they are training the army to strike-break while escalating legislation to sack and even criminalise strikers.

The government has already got away with criminalising environmental direct action…

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