Going for Broke

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In Gordon Brown’s last budget just before the 2008 financial crash, he declared that the state had effectively resolved the instability of capitalism promising “we will never return to the old boom and bust”.

Since then we have seen a banking collapse, 10 years of austerity, a flight from Europe, a pandemic, a war, a government inflicted fiscal catastrophe, a return to austerity and the promise of the longest recession in our history. All against the backdrop of mounting climate emergency.

Far from being resolved, capitalist crisis and the depth of their cycles are intensifying. The government tells the truth on one thing, it’s not just Britain. Capitalism’s crisis is global and it’s war against us all intensifies in equal measure.

The latest emergency budget presents a bill of £50 billion in cuts and tax hikes to workers and the poor already facing a 10% real term cut in living…

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