The Tories want to talk about failing working class students? Bring it on.


A day ending in ‘y’ brings with it another desperate Tory attempt to deflect from their own failures.

Yesterday, a report claiming to examine the continued underperformance of “white working class pupils” in England was published by the Education Select Committee , despite opposition of all four Labour MPs on the body who “disowned” the document. It was a masterclass in obfuscation; off the bat the report attempted to attribute the educational underachievement of poor white British children to the mythical spectre of ‘reverse racism’. White British children from low-income backgrounds are falling behind, it suggested, specifically thanks to the use of the term “white privilege”.

“We are concerned that the phrase may be alienating to disadvantaged White communities, and it may have contributed towards a systemic neglect of White people facing hardship who also need specific support,” the report stated.

“They want to talk about failing the white working class? Then let’s talk about it”

At this point, I could spend some time outlining the real definition of ‘white privilege’, which simply suggests that people racialised as ‘white’ won’t experience oppression because of the colour of their skin, rather than suggesting their lives will be free from other forms of discrimination. Or I

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