It isn’t worth shedding a drop of blood to put someone else in charge. Self-determination requires the dismantlement of all power structures, transaction and coercion, and along the was, silly distractions such as nationalism and religion.

Just because the other side killed your grandad – is the worst excuse in the world. You could take a leaf from the Spanish anarchists who eschewed personal vengeance in favour of practical action against the state.

By the way, the Spanish Revolution was not a defence of the poular front government or the second republic, it had been underway since 1898 and most of the people who voted in 1936 didn’t believe in government at all, they just wanted their prisoners out.

Solid, Mal.


Diarmuid Breatnach

(Reading time: 8 mins.)

A debate is currently taking place about whether armed struggle is appropriate in the context of achieving national liberation in Ireland. The debate is hardly new — traditionally some sections of the polity have opposed it and some have advocated, even embraced it. However tiresome it may be for some, revolutionaries need to address questions as they emerge and re-emerge but there is another reason to enter this debate, which is that in my opinion bothsections in the main are basing themselves on a false premise.

The composition of the sections opposed to or in favour of armed struggle has varied but in general and hardly surprisingly, the social democratic and liberal sections have opposed its use, while the revolutionary Republicans have defended it. But sections of the Republican movement at various times have also moved out of the armed struggle camp…

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  1. Go raibh maith agaibh/ thanks!


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