Political Prisoner’s Day for the Spring Offensive: Letter Solidarity

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

When? 6.30pm on the 18th of March
Where? Zoom details & dial-in TBA (on the day)

Make yourself a cup of tea and join us for a social evening of card and letter writing for the political prisoners day of the Spring Offensive.

The Spring Offensive is a call from Rise up 4 Rojava, Women Defend Rojava, Internationalist Commune of Rojava, Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger (Revolutionary Youth Movement), plus MRGA for actions during Springtime. It will be over a month of celebrating new life, remembering the martyrs and of struggle. More information here: https://riseup4rojava.org/spring-offensive-unite-in-resistance-dem-dema-azadi-ye/

We will have a short 15 minute outline of the situation of the political prisoners we will be writing to at the beginning of the letter writing session.

The aim is to create art, poetry or just pen words of solidarity for political prisoners in Turkey.


#UniteInResistance #SmashTurkishFascism #RiseUp4Rojava

The facebook event page is here:

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