Thoughts on Maoism

Angry Workers of the World

We translated a recent text by comrades from Wildcat on Maoism. The short text itself consists of snapshots, partly focusing on the miserable history of Maoist groups in Germany, partly on the real existing Maoism as a ruling and oppressing force in China. If you want to dig deeper into a historical criticism of the reactionary nature of Maoism we suggest you read the following text, which provides a broad overview:…/

For a criticism of the current Maoist practice within workers’ struggles in China, have a look at this article:…/

The following thoughts are part of our discussion about ‘the left’, from a viewpoint of working class self-emancipation. We have formulated some initial ideas here:…/

We want to use the opportunity to say a few words about Maoism from our perspective, primarily on an anecdotal level. First of all we feel it is necessary…

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