Some thoughts on what’s behind the drive to get workers ‘back to the office’

Keep in mind this is the party that abandoned the aircraft, car, mining and steel industries, laying waste to large sections of this island. It is the party of property owners, property speculators and money lenders.

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There’s a bit of a row developing about Boris Johnson pushing white collar workers to get back to commuting and working in their offices: Boris Johnson accused of ‘threatening’ workers back to offices without science to back up plan. A row that many workers who couldn’t work from home during lockdown and were obliged to continue going to their workplaces may be regarding with some wry amusement. During lockdown, it was the food processors, distribution centre workers, delivery workers, shop workers and many others who kept the show on the road. Without the input from the working class, there would have been social and economic collapse.

Before we go any further, it would be a mistake to regard all office workers as middle class and to see their working from home as a privilege. For example, call centre workers having to do their jobs from home in often cramped conditions…

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