Lobbing a spanner into the workings of the new (ab)normal

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The new (ab)normal where we’re treated like walking bio-hazards, where we’re cajoled into regarding our fellow humans with fear and face an increasing level of invasive tracking and monitoring will only work if we let it. A growing number of us want a future where we can live a full life and interact with each other without fear or censure. How do we get there?

Next Saturday (29.8) will see a protest in London’s Trafalgar Square against the new (ab)normal. The point about large scale protests is that they’re an easy target to vilify and discredit. Next Saturday’s protest is already being vilified and that will grow over the coming week.

We’ve been round the block as activists over the decades and if we’re being honest, with a few notable exceptions, we’re not entirely sure what can be achieved by a large scale protest in a hostile climate where the…

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