Urgent: Protect Kevan Thakrar from racist violence

Kevan Thakrar is a political prisoner. Be under no illusions, the state wants him dead, terrified he will prove his innocence and finger the establishment individuals who fitted him up.

They have a long history of facilitating attacks on our comrade by known racists and neo-nazis, just as they facilitated attacks by terrorists to further their agenda in Ireland.

Death to fascists, pigs, screws and scabs, their social democrat apologists and lackeys, victory to the Militant Working Class!

Long live our inspirational comrade Kevan Thakrar!

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

This evening prisoner Kevan Thakrar called to inform IWOC that a known racist attempted to take his life this afternoon.

Kevin McCarthy stabbed Kevan more than four times while Kevan was at the food servery. He used a wooden shank and shouted “die, die, die!” whilst stabbing Kevan. Kevan has four puncture wounds on his back and bruises and scratches after also being hit on the head. Kevin walked past two prison officers neither of whom intervened to prevent or stop the attack until Kevan turned round to defend himself. Even then, no officers put their hands on Kevin or restrained him. No alarms were pressed/no shouting for help. Kevin McCarthy actually walked back into his own cell and locked himself in. The prison failed to take him to hospital but he was treated by two nurses on the wing.

This is the second attack Kevan has experienced in HMP…

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