The Bolshevik Dictatorship At Work ~ Alexander Berkman

The Slow Burning Fuse


The Bolshevik dictatorship BEGAN by instituting a system of the grossest inequality, of unequal compensation and discriminating rewards. At the very beginning of their rule they established 14 different grads of “payok” (food rations), discriminating between the sailor and the soldier; between the soldier and the worker; between the worker in one industry and that of another; between the proletarian of the city and the toiler in the fields; between the field toiler and the day laborer; between the latter and the teacher; between the teacher in the industrial field and the instructor in the educational line; between the teacher of lower grades and those who had a university education; and so on, ad infinitum. At one time there in Russia over 25 different “grades” of labor, remunerated differently. Naturally such a condition of “communism” immediately created disaffection and resentment. It was still increased by the fact that a member…

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