3rd Hasankeyf Global Days of Action: 7-8 June 2019

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

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Hasankeyf, an ancient town that sits in the Tigris River Valley, has seen at least 20 civilisations rise and fall since the birth of civilisation. One of the oldest continuously inhabited human settlements in the world, today it seems the current residents will be its last.

The Turkish State GAP hydroelectric project, and the completion of the Ilisu Dam in particular, mean the dam reservoir is due to be filled in the next days, and Hasankeyf will be under water, along with 199 other towns and villages.

The Turkish government announced recently that on 10th June 2019 it will start filling the Ilisu Dam reservoir. There has been a long campaign against this dam, and the GAP hydroelectric project it is a part of, for two decades. The entire project has already been called off several times due to campaigns.

Up to 100,000 people will be displaced or otherwise severely…

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