Red And Black Telly: DANNY BAKER – FAKE OUTRAGE. With comment by Mal Content

Whilst I share Martin’s utter contempt for the Windsors, the BBC, liberals, politicians, royalist sycophants and other hypocrites, I think this misses the mark for a number of reasons. First of all I would urge people to read the following:

Now that Danny Baker’s been fired by the BBC, a brief history of ‘monkey racism’

The trouble with racial stereotypes is if you’re going to avoid them you need to know what they are. I doubt many people on this side of the pond understood that fried chicken was offensive to African Americans, for example. The monkey/race connection is easily overlooked unless it impinges on your daily life, but then it has been pointed out that mr Baker is a Millwall supporter, so it would be surprising if he hadn’t come across it before.

Baker’s always been an arsehole, he’s in the pop-culture business and he’s paid handsomely to know about such matters, it isn’t ‘cheeky’ it’s some kid getting bullied at school.

The establishment can stop simpering over the ‘mixed race’ inclusion as the term itself is antiquated and posits the concept of race as an objective category rather than a political one. The very mirage of hereditary monarchy rests on the superstition that one person’s blood is somehow better than another’s – we could say DNA nowadays but that just reduces it to the absurd.

It was the myth of race that justified primitive accumulation: the pillage of continents, the enclosure of indigenous lands, the slaughter and enslavement of milions by the empires of Europe, in the name of their royal houses. The entire global capitalist death machine was founded on white supremacy.

The new royal parasite will inherit a life of privilege beyond our capacity to imagine, and will be insulated from the practical consequences of the racism that still runs through the institutions of state like a stick of rock. Uniquely though, they cannot be said to be ‘in-bred’ as neither of their parents are related to the house of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, except in the sense that we all are (Harry’s the ginger one, if you didn’t know).

– Mal Content.

Just in case anyone doubts Martin’s anti-racist credentials

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