A Response to “For an Anti-Sectarian Revolutionary Left: 10 Hypotheses” – AB

Many thanks to It’s Going Down, who originally published a slightly different version of this article.

This piece is part of an ongoing discussion within RED about revolutionary strategy.  It responds to ED’s “For an Anti-Sectarian Revolutionary Left: 10 Hypotheses.”   Like ED’s piece, it doesn’t speak for all of RED but instead hopes to help spark further debate and discussion in our group and outside it.

The following is a response to my comrade ED’s provocative “hypotheses” on creating an anti-sectarian left.  I offer this response in a spirit of comradely appreciation and disagreement.

The ideas in this essay are still in formation though. Like ED’s piece it contains only “hypotheses.”  Here that means I offer some possible ways of framing the major tasks facing revolutionaries, especially anarchists, today.  Because they are hypotheses they are deeply incomplete, part of ongoing experiments.  They need further development, especially through critique…

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