The USA, Greece, and Italy: An Anti-Fascist History

the transmetropolitan review

The following text was composed by anarchists and anti-fascists from the US, Greece, and Italy. It’s an attempt to situate the past decade of struggle in the proper historical context.

First Coordinate (Abscissa)

Para burlar la ley, correr es mi destino, perdido en el corazón de la grande Babylon

-Manu Chao, Clandestino, 1998

Like most North Americans, the anarchists of the US can be quite clueless. Living in the center of an empire has long been known to produce delusional thinking, entitlement, myopia, selfishness, and above all, ignorance. In this regard, North Americans are anything but exceptional. The crimes of the US empire are well cataloged, their details readily available online, and the atrocities archived in a thousand different libraries. Despite these facts, even the most radical US anarchists remain oblivious to the lasting impact of their country’s imperialism across the globe. To highlight this unfortunate pattern, and also…

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