Answering our rulers’ crisis with mutual aid and solidarity

Cautiously pessimistic

As the pantomime in Parliament goes on and on, a no deal Brexit is coming to seem increasingly plausible – not that anyone in charge particularly wants it, but then few of our rulers actively wanted a four-year war in summer 1914.

Some of the best proposals I’ve seen about how we can respond to our rulers’ crisis have come from the South Essex Heckler:

“We face being placed in a situation where at the grassroots in our communities, we’re going to have to rely on each other to pull us through the shite that could well be coming our way… Work from your block, close or street upwards. It’s about everyone looking out for each other, regardless of who they are or where they’ve come from. In a crisis situation, everyone’s in it together. Tell the reactionary divide and rule merchants who’ll be shit stirring to f**k off…

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