For a World without Pogroms, for a Future without Fascism: November 8 – November 11, 2018

Cautiously pessimistic

The following call is one I’d seen a week or so ago, and had been meaning to write something about, but obviously recent events have rendered it far more urgent than ever.

A quick note on the UK context: while, in the US, the ruling party is more-or-less openly entwined with antisemitic bigots, here we face a different set of circumstances, where the ideology of the ruling faction is a grimly cynical “anti-anti-semitism” or “philosemitism” – the ideology of those who rush to attack Holocaust survivors who make unhelpful comparisons, while seemingly willing to turn a blind eye to, for instance, UKIP’s courting of Mark “gas the jews” Meechan.

This cynicism of the right and centre has produced and equally one-sided reflection in parts of the left, where suspicion of the media and the desire to defend left projects leads some people to automatically…

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