People’s infrastructure and a recuperated factory

The Slow Burning Fuse

VIOME, is a factory in the outskirts of Thessaloniki. Due to the general economic recession and the bad administration, the parent company went bankrupted in 2011, abandoning the plant of VIOME. In 2013, together with a great movement in solidarity to the workers’ struggle, the workers of VIOME endeavored a big step: to take the production on their hands!”

VIOME sets forward a perspective of social contribution by creating new jobs for the unemployed and distributing its surpluses back to the society. And it is exactly this social interaction with the society and local community, an interaction that has everything to do with forms of solidarity, conviviality and direct cooperation, which marks one more crucial difference between VIOME’s recuperated factory and other places of capitalist production. As the local community helped the workers to take the factory back, VIOME workers decided to share their factory with all those parts…

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