The Law Don’t Mean Shit


“We are accustomed to classify States according to the different ways in which ‘the supreme might’ is distributed…Might against whom? Against the individual and his ‘self-will.’ The State practices ‘violence,’ the individual must not do so. The State’s behavior is violence, and it calls its violence ‘law’; that of the individual, ‘crime.'”
— Max Stirner, The Ego and Its Own

“Always and everywhere, bumping into laws, into boundaries, into morals, into conventions, into rules, into judges, into workshops, into prisons, into barracks, into men and women in uniform that protect, maintain, defend, an order of things that is mortifying and gets in the way of the expansion of the individual. And you — you lovers of ‘life’, incense-bearers of ‘progress’, all of you who turn the wheels of the cart of ‘civilization’? —YOU CALL THIS LIVING?
— Emile Armand

“The Law basically comprises a list of things which…

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