Identity and Sociopolitical Action

This is a thought provoking article. I would like to take issue with or perhaps qualify one aspect however.

Fascism has only ever been held back or defeated by violence. Where the social conditions for fascism exist, dialogue with politically naive individuals may help, but once they form up into a mob all you can do is beat them at their own game.

In Britain at least 4 waves of fascism were kicked off the streets by autonomous action of Working Class communities that found themselves under threat: Jewish, Caribbean, Asian and organised labour. Physical superiority is central to the fascist self-identity, and those seduced by the ‘tough guy’ culture will quickly give it up if it isn’t working for them. In Morris Beckman’s history of the 43 Group he reports that often the dialogue took place after they’d given the fascists a good hiding. Some quite high profile individuals came across, probably because they wanted to be on the winning side.

Having a dialogue presupposes having a safe theatre for it, and history recalls that calling on constitutional, or state power to protect you from fascism doesn’t work. That mistake was made in Italy, Germany, Spain, etc. In each case the fascists could have been easily wiped out if only the political careerists had got out of the way – maybe not in Greece or Chile, that was driven by US imperialism.

This appears to be written from a US perspective where violent confrontation is likely to escalate into armed conflict, but the same was true of all those societies in the 20th Century. It is necessary always to prepare for the worst.

Stochastic Thinking

The aim here is to take on a contentious topic without exploiting a controversy for personal benefit. Hopefully, anyone will read this without feeling like the intent is to take away their right to affirm who they are or that any of this should be construed as a means to deny anyone their dignity as a person. That is absolutely not the intention nor the implication of this effort. The only reasonable or moral intent here is respect for trans people as well as people of all different colors, abilities and cultural or sexual identities. This was written in the spirited hope of eventually seeing everybody treated as free, but with an empathic acuity for the balance of equality with practical distinction.

Here’s the qualifier that some readers might feel like they knew was coming: there will be some thoughts explored in this that might challenge some of the ways…

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