Why neighbourhood resilience is important

It’s been obvious to us since the referendum that there will be no deal, because this is all about a split in the British ruling class.

There isn’t a plausible deal that would pass the tory front bench, let alone the British parliament or the 27 EU ones.

The bourgeoisie has shot itself in the foot which ought to create massive oportunities for our class, if we would only take them.

Logically the enemy has only two choices, which is either to foil brexit politically by making it so shit that the electorate rejects it. The other is the return to primitive accumulation hinted at above, where we would see a great increase in prison slavery and 19th century style pauperism.

A resumption of the civil war in Ireland is highly likely, it wouldn’t upset the bowler hats much as they are going nowhere politically and they did so well out of it last time with the collusion of the British state.

Scotland is a wild card though, we could see the first significant resistance from that quarter.

Armed conflict in Ireland could discourage that and would serve the ruling class by making effective opposition to the state seem terribly unpatriotic, so I don’t think the likes of reese mogg would be too bothered either.

The text below about a no deal Brexit comes from James Patrick. He’s a former cop. He’s now an author, screenwriter, film maker and journalist. As far as we can make out, he’s a credible source. It’s not necessary to like a source in order to quote it so long as you believe it’s credible and what’s revealed is relevant.

Basically, the scenario James Patrick outlines provides some more justification for the number of times we’ve been banging on about the need for neighbourhood resilience and solidarity. 2019 is going to be a rocky, unpredictable year – start preparing for it now in your neighbourhood so we can get through whatever is thrown at us.

This is what we’ve already written about neighbourhood solidarity:

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