Bullets for McKinley: A Few Words on Political Assassination

“Personal attentats are effective to a degree determined by the powers wielded by the victim. To take the life of a constitutional king through conspiracy and not through revolution is to change nothing, except for his heir. But if someone had eliminated, say, Adolf Hitler in 1939, which of us can say that his death would not have been of benefit to Europe? When we tried to liquidate Franco back in 1948, we were persuaded that in doing so we would be changing the course of Spanish history utterly …” – Laureano Cerrada Santos

You could argue that the U.S. president doesn’t represent any people, just a mode of production, and it’s this that wields power. I’ts fun to speculate though on whether removing a few individuals at crucial points might have unplugged the bowels of history and eased the passage of the Working Class. My nominees for this historical laxative would have been Churchill, Lenin and Woodrow Wilson. Without those I believe we would never have heard of Hitler, let alone Franco.

I don’t think Derek Guff is in that company, but if someone does knock him on the head, I’ll be pissed for a fortnight!


Let’s be clear: we don’t endorse shooting, stabbing, bombing, garroting, guillotining, or electrocuting the President of the United States. Yes, we’ve published a convincing argument that, if there were any justice in this world, “Donald Trump would walk across the desert on a broken ankle, pursued by helicopters and armed men with dogs, before dying of dehydration, terrified and alone, within miles of hospital facilities—as he has forced others to do simply in hopes of rejoining their families.” But we would argue strenuously against anyone attempting to inflict this fate on him. On the contrary, we hope Donald Trump will die of natural causes—and the sooner the better, before anyone gets any crazy ideas. For us, anarchism is not about meting out justice, but making it unnecessary. Here’s why.

William McKinley, shortly before his death.

In 1901, the President of the United States was greeting well-wishers at the Pan-American Exposition…

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