LGBMI5? More on pinkwashing and guilt by association

Cautiously pessimistic

In the recent controversy over proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, there’s been a lot of claims made about how each “side” of the argument should be understood. Helen Steel, one of the most well-respected and high-profile figures to have come out against allowing people to self-identify their gender, recently made a post – the original is no longer available, but copies have been publicly circulated since – that, in my view, mixes some accurate observations with some completely unjustifiable conclusions. Examining her claims seems like a good starting point to evaluate the political forces at work here.

Much of this post will be a re-statement of arguments I first made about six months ago, but it seems worth engaging specifically with such a clearly stated counter-argument, especially as it comes from virtually the only person associated with the campaign to have any credibility in anti-capitalist/anti-state circles.


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