Change doesn’t just happen by putting a voting slip into a ballot box

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On May 3rd, the local authority elections took place. You may had noticed the flyers coming through your door. You may had been doorstepped by enthusiastic candidates promising to do all they can for you while forgetting the constraints councillors operate under. If your local councillor was up for re-election, you may had noticed them being more solicitous and efficient than normal. On this basis, you may well have gone out and voted.

Here are some hard truths. The role of local authorities in an age of seemingly permanent austerity is to implement the government’s agenda by making painful decisions about which services to cut or scrap. No matter how enthusiastic and committed your local councillor is, even if they belong to the party that’s in power on the council, they’re obliged to deliver the government’s austerity agenda. There’s no getting away from it – your local councillor is the…

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