The Social Realism of the Labour Party: Jeremy Corbyn and the Socialism of Fools

Clearly that’s Alf Garnett on the right, and the bloke the other end is one of the seven dwarves.

It’s true that that ‘Semitic’ is not a racial category (because there is no such thing) but a family of middle Eastern languages. The term comes from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah, supposedly their ancestor, while Ham – allegedly a sinner – was credited with founding the African race, the other being responsible for Europeans. This nonsense, with terms like ‘Semite’ and ‘Aryan’ is part of the philosophy of Orientalism, it didn’t actually come from the bible but was concocted during the mercantile era as the ideological foundation of racism, one of the pillars of the capitalist system, used to retrospectively justify the wars of empire and the transatlantic slave trade. The pillage of non-European territory without which global capitalism as we know it would not exist.

The word ‘antisemite’ was itself a self-identification coined by Wilhelm Marr for people who wanted to discriminate against Jews.

Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

Mear One, Freedom for Humanity (2012)

The mural (above) at the centre of the latest publicity disaster to engulf Jeremy Corbyn has been compared to the anti-Semitic depictions of Jews in Nazi propaganda. One Labour Party website has even taken readers through comparisons between the offending mural and historical examples from Der Stürmer (below), a vehemently anti-semitic and anti-communist German tabloid newpaper. However, while this interpretation of the mural, which has been denied by the artist but eagerly embraced by the public, relies almost entirely on the size of the noses of its central figures, the mural makes a far more conscious reference to the history of art that has been entirely passed over by the press, most obviously because it doesn’t fit into the reductive and sensationalist narrative that has been woven about the anti-Semitism of the mural and Corbyn’s initial support for it. Followers of ASH will know that we have no love either…

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