Gloucester’s tory scum plumb new depths in persecuting the homeless.

Just when you think they can’t sink any lower!
Tory council puts up poster telling people not to give money to the homeless – Metro UK

The selfish over-privileged bastards at Gloucester city council have really got it in for the victims of their anti-social regime. They’re wasting residents money on a poster campaign to discourage said residents from using their own judgement in how they help their fellow people. Jumping on the spiteful corporatist bandwagon that insists every bit of altruism must pay a dividend to their capitalist mates.

“Make your change count by giving to an established homeless charity”, they preach. Only last month, they opposed an application for such a charity to open a night shelter on their manor. Amid the incomprehensible managerial bullshit, Ruth Saunders, their ‘Community Wellbeing Manager’ (sic) bleated:“there will be lack of motivation for them to get on to the established homelessness pathways towards a more safe and sustainable lifestyle” – In other words, they don’t get a cut.

We fail to see how you can simultaneously be sleeping rough and in accommodation. One for Schrodinger?

Here’s why Gloucester City Council has lodged an objection to a night shelter for the city’s homeless – Gloucestershire live.

“Change is more than coins” they say, too right, change is you lot up against the fucking wall.

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  1. Nottingham council has been doing this for fifteen years at least. This has included posters of people with signs saying things like “please give generously, my drug dealer needs a new Mercedes” or “you’re just pouring money down the drain” with a picture of a beer can. Another poster campaign involved “bad deal” slogans and I remember some pixie replacing beggars with the government and the council on those ones. Other choice tactics (at one stage or another) have included banning people from giving away blankets, Asbo’s banning beggars from the city centre, fining people for begging, and putting fences round rough sleepers. In the early 2000s they were accused of tipping water over rough sleepers. When they redesigned the market square (at enormous over-expense due to crony deals) they removed all the grass areas which homeless people used to sleep on, as well as anything skaters could use. Last year the council were claiming “there’s no street homeless in Nottingham, all the beggars are on benefits” (as part of an anti-begging campaign), they’ve stopped saying that these days and I bet it was a total lie. We’ve seen similar in Bournemouth I think, if someone isn’t registered homeless with the “support services” then the council won’t admit they might actually be homeless. At one point all the homeless people suddenly disappeared, rumour has it they were sent to mental asylums. Disgustingly Framework, the local charity for the homeless, is often fist-in-glove with council nonsense as they want to force homeless people to use their gatekept services. Someone in the know tells me that anyone who turns up at a shelter drunk or high gets turned away supposedly for risk management reasons (more likely to be violent – though I suspect the aftermath of the Cambridge Two case in the 90s). The entire agenda is about forcing homeless people (and marginal people in general) to go through the state/PFI/charity-provided channels which impose conformity, sobriety, mental health treatment, job-seeking, giving up pets etc etc as conditions of receiving help (otherwise the helpers are “enabling/facilitating bad behaviour”, i.e. not acting as conscripted cops like we’re all supposed to). I believe it’s a deliberate strategy at government level to eliminate unconditional humanitarian assistance of all kinds so as to create a hostile environment for nonconformists. There’s very similar policy-sets towards unemployment, mental health, immigrants, Travellers, squatters, etc – not just doing fuck-all, not just discriminating and criminalising, but proactively trying to destroy any attempts at self-help or support by third parties, unless these are normalisation-oriented. To run a quasi-totalitarian system based on democide or “letting-die” versus nonconformists so as to impose a system with no outside, it’s necessary to destroy even the most rudimentary forms of autonomy.

    Of course, if we applied the same arguments used about beggars to everyone else, it would lead to: don’t spend money at supermarkets, they might spend it on coke or donate it to the Tories, shoplift or grow your own instead. I bet the council won’t be running that ad campaign though.


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