New Occupy Bournemouth Homeless Sanctuary up and running.


Making good use of the disused coal yard on Ashley Rd which was abandoned years ago, now it has the potential to save lives. As before local people have done it proud with offers of assistance, if you would like to turn a hand with the work or donate stuff, you can get in touch with the occupiers via their facebook group

The new kitchen

The pointless inadequates of Bournemouth council responded by informing the landlord/s, who ten years ago had to be cajoled into clearing the rubbish that had accumulated on the site. Out of step with the popular mood, they don’t know whether they want a shit or a haircut. After the punitive evictions of the first camp all they can come up with are feeble platitudes about the site being dangerous – compared to what? One of the residents is expecting soon.

These idiots have done nothing for us ever, so far as they’re concerned no one breaks wind in this town until money changes hands. If you talk to people on the street they will tell you that unless they raise a fiver a day to get in the shelter they lose their place and have to re-apply, go to the back of the queue. So the council is sponsoring and enforcing begging, the councillors might as well be dealing drugs.

Let’s all get behind this grassroots initiative, it’s up to us, the Working Class, to make the community we built fit for all its inhabitants, never mind the greedy parasites that have been feeding off it for too long, they can just back out now.


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