Court and prison news for late October

Is there anybody who hasn’t got a copy of the anarchist’s cookbook? I remember it from school, it’s donkey’s years out of date now. A bloody bus time table might be ‘of use to terrorists’.

The state is fooling nobody with this nonsense, back out you idiots.

Cautiously pessimistic

The last week of October saw a few different court dates for comrades across the country. In two separate arms trade-related cases, Sam and Dan were acquitted on a criminal damage charge for actions they took against military equipment being sold to Saudi Arabia, while down in Cardiff, a court found D Murphy guilty for making hoax phone calls to try and stop the Cardiff arms fair, giving her a 12 week suspended sentence for 18 months and ordering her to pay £2000 costs and £115 victim surcharge, which feels like a victory of sorts considering that she was potentially facing an actual custodial sentence. In a statement, D said “My resolve in opposing the Arms Trade has only been strengthened by this experience and I hope to see a huge protest outside next year’s DPRTE Arms Fair at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. My thanks for all…

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