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What is Fracking?

Fracking is a type of drilling used to extract fossil fuels (Oil and Gas) from the ground, it involves drilling into a rock formation, then pushing in large amounts of a water and chemical mixture (Fracking fluid) at high pressure to extract oil or gas from the cracked rock formations.

Water Use and Pollution

A single frack uses 5-10 Olympic swimming pools of clean water (10 billion gallons or more) which are turned into toxic ‘flowback/produced water’ which must be treated and disposed of. Methane produced by fracking migrates via the damaged aquifers into drinking water.

Corporate Profit vs Community Cost

The impacts and dangers from fracking are extreme and long term and are borne by local communities who find themselves living in the middle of gas fields. The rewards go to an elite of shareholders, directors and investors. Any benefits to locals – such as jobs…

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Call to “2nd Hasankeyf Global Action Day” on 23 September 2017!

Kurdistan Solidarity Network


We call activists, social movements, NGO's and all others in the world to join the second global action day for the defense of Hasankeyf and the Tigris River on 23rdSeptember 2017! It is under threat by the Ilisu Project; lets protest this one of most controversial dams in the world!

After the first global action day in Sept. 2015 the construction of the Ilisu Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant has continued without a break. The ongoing armed conflict has been used by the Turkish government to oppress protests on local and Turkey wide level. However, since mid of August 2017 a wave of new protests and critic came up all over the Kurdish region and Turkey after several rocks at the castle rock have been destroyed using explosives and other means. This action, which had no proper legal permission, is the start of new…

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How to Punch a Nazi

The irrepressible master Ken is no fence-sitter!

Admit it…you need us!

Suggest chuck all the rubbish in the town hall car park

The South Essex Stirrer - Archive

In an age of seemingly never ending austerity, council services are under ever growing strain and in a growing number of instances, they’re failing. Working with groups such as Basildon & Southend Housing Action (BASHA) and the Vange Hill Community Group (VHCG), it’s all too clear that services such as rubbish collection and estate maintenance are in crisis. On a fair few occasions, BASHA and VHCG have had to step into the breach to undertake activities such as neighbourhood clean ups, educating residents on rubbish disposal (nigh on impossible when Basildon Council don’t have a rubbish disposal protocol!) and setting up community gardens.

BASHA, and now VHCG, are not stepping into the breach just to cover the failings of Basildon Council – they’re doing it because they care passionately about their communities. Recent clean ups they’ve undertaken include Gambleside on the ¾ estate in Vange: Doing it for ourselves (because…

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Questionaire for local reports

Angry Workers of the World

A-roadway-on-the-Brooklands-estate-in-East-Jaywick-near-Clacton.jpgThis questionaire was written up for reports about the local impacts of austerity in the UK

* Where do you live?
* How many people live there?
* Who are the main employers, or sectors people work in?
* Where have the most recent investments been?
* How significant is unemployment and the social consequences?
* How significant is the migrant population and who constitutes it?
* How significant is the university and student world?
* Who is local government, have there been changes recently?
* What kind of general impact of recession can you make out?
* Have there been public sector cuts, or have any been announced?
* Who is concretely affected by the cuts?
* How did they ‘sell’ the cuts and how did affected people react?
* Have there been job cuts or company closures? Where and how?
* Has there been an increase in social…

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Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch. Peter Shambrook Talk and Film. 20th Sept 2017

1917 – 2017

Balfour Declaration”

100 years since Britain ‘gave’

Palestine to Israel

Peter Shambrook, historical consultant to the Balfour Project will deliver a talk, with an 18 minute film, on the Balfour Centenary, followed by questions :

A fateful enterprise: the “Balfour”

letter and its consequences

Wednesday 20th September,


Unite (the Union) Office,

41 Castle Way, Southampton

SO14 2BW

Free Admission Arranged by Southampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Morning Star Group – Email :