Obituary for Dan Chatterton, 1820-1895.

Surrey and Hampshire Anarchist Federation

Obituary for British anarchist Dan Chatterton, who died in 1895.

Leaving out those great ones who have cut their niches in history, (the history of this country is rich in fore-runners of Anarchism) such as Godwin Shelley, and Owen, I propose to place on record some of the lesser known pioneers of the Anarchist movement. Of those of a proletarian origin, Dan Chatterton stands out as one who attracted most attention. In front of me as I write, is a cabinet photo of this tattle spare old man, who, in his day, was so well known in the parks, and every part of London where there were meetings of any section of the advanced movement. There he was, selling the current issues ‘Freedom’ and ‘Commonweal’, especially pushing the sale of his own tattle production ‘Chatteron’s Atheistic, Communistic, Scorcher’. (A full set is in the British Museum.) He usually created both…

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