Democratic confederalism and state counter-revolution: the example of Sheikh Maqsoud

Cautiously pessimistic

An article recently appeared in Reuters examining Sheikh Maqsoud, the YPG-controlled district inside Aleppo. While the article itself is certainly not concerned with any kind of radical critique, I think it’s still worth circulating and discussing, just as a reminder of how complex the relationship between the Assad regime and the Rojava project is. For all the comparisons that get made to Spain 1936, I certainly can’t imagine Franco putting up with a revolutionary area existing inside a city he controlled.

It’d be good to hear more opinions, both positive and critical, about what the peaceful co-existence of an area like Sheikh Maqsoud means – for those who are more pro-Rojava, is this something that they’re fine with, or is it worth accepting as a necessary product of the messiness and complexity of the real world? Equally, for those who might be more critical, it’s worth asking what alternatives…

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