Guardianship schemes and the Synergy Centre

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The Guardianship Scheme

Since the early 2000s Property Guardian Companies have marketed themselves as anti-squatting services. They offer landlords ‘security’ for their empty properties in exchange for a fee, and they then rent the properties to ‘guardians’ who are given a ‘licence’ (not a tenancy).  This has been marketed as a win-win; landlords can secure their buildings cheaply, guardians benefit from cheaper housing costs than in the local private sector, and empty urban spaces are put to use.

But by 2014 the proliferation of guardianship schemes in the UK had started to attract the criticism of journalists, who questioned whether these schemes were in fact part of a range of housing issues – including the gentrification of urban areas, rising rents, the increasing number of empty properties, and the erosion of tenants’ rights – rather than a solution for these problems.

In 2015 The Guardian newspaper found out that…

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