What are words worth? Laura Pidcock, cheap talk and pay cuts

Cautiously pessimistic

If you follow lefty internet commentary at all, there’s a reasonable chance you will’ve seen Laura Pidcock’s first speech in Parliament at some point over the last few days. If not, here it is:

Credit where it’s due, it’s a pretty good speech. But, if you know anything at all about events in Durham in recent years, you might notice an odd omission: she talks about “the teacher in [her] constituency who was recently made redundant”, but for some reason doesn’t have anything at all to say about the 2700 County Durham teaching assistants who were told they were being sacked and rehired on new contracts that meant a pay cut of up to 23%. How is it that someone so passionate about defending education and opposing austerity could forget such a glaring example of how austerity’s hurting people in her constituency? Could it have anything to do with…

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