Support the Brigade! An internationalist solidarity project with the Kurdish struggle.

Via Kurdish Solidarity Network.


We are the “Brigada 19 de julio”: 19th of July Brigade. We are getting in touch with you to inform about the crowdfunding campaign that we have just launched.

For those who have never heard of the 19th of July Brigade, we are a group of young people committed with the Kurdish struggle. After 40 years of resistance, at the moment we are witnessing an amazing social revolution that is opening new possibilities of social organization in the Middle East under the flag of Democratic Confederalism.

During the month of July, some of us will be traveling to the city and refugee camp of Makhmur in Bashur (Iraqi Kurdistan), with the aim of supporting and disseminating this movement.

We are raising funds for the trip, and to that aim we have launched a campaign on a crowdfunding platform which specializes in popular movements and international solidarity:

We hope you can help us! Even if you cannot offer economical support, it would be great if you can pass this information on to anyone who you think might be interested .

Of course, everyone interested in knowing more about our project or having a talk when we come back, we would be proud to share with you all of our impressions.


19th of July Brigade

Brigada 19 de Julio – Proyecto de solidaridad con kurdistán


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