The Anarchist Revolt Against the Ideology of Not Voting Is Finally Taking Shape in 2017

This is a discussion we’re all having, might as well have it out in the open.

The Coming Anarchy

By Tim Hjersted / / Jun 7, 2017

Anarchists have traditionally opposed voting for a variety of ideological reasons. For many, not voting is held as a badge of honor – a way of signaling one’s commitment to anarchist theory. I’ve often thought that this belief in not voting almost represents a sort of religion for some anarchists, due to how they uphold “not voting” as the *one true* anarchist position.

If you vote, then you can’t possibly be “a true anarchist.” Not voting is essentially a purity test among the anarchist faithful, and this hegemony over the spectrum of acceptable thought is often reinforced by other anarchists, who make sure that anyone that disagrees understands that they are not “one of us.”

A couple years ago, I was banned from Infoshop News for simply posting pro-voting arguments on their Facebook page. The idea of…

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