Scattered thoughts on anarcho-Corbynism, abstracto-communism, and unconvincing arguments

Cautiously pessimistic

A few thoughts on the recent elections and the latest instalment of the age-old voting/not-voting debate (note: this is written as a response to the voting/not-voting debate in general, but in particular these two articles from the CWO on not voting and anarcho-Corbynism. Also, this focuses a lot more on the arguments that got made for not voting – the smug sanctimonious liberal arguments about why everyone has to vote are still wrong as well, but they’re wrong in the same ways they’ve always been, and I couldn’t think of much interesting to say about them this time round.)

Personally, I spoiled my ballot, partly because of my MP’s record, and also because I (correctly) guessed that there was no chance of the tories winning where I lived. If I lived somewhere else, I might have done differently; certainly, if I lived in, say, Hastings, and I’d abstained…

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