NHS vultured by the Health and Social Care Act 2012: Part 1.


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It took the Juggernaut of a Coalition government to pass a Bill so vague/complex it could not be properly debated and was longer than the 1949 Act that created the NHS to destroy it.

Even David Cameron apparently did not know what the Health and Social Care Bill entailed.

To get onto our statute books it needed to be all things to all people.

It was a PR feat extraordinaire.

Full of anomalies and contradictions, in breach of the rule of law, as, like the Mental Capacity and Carers Acts, it had to disguise its real purpose.

And such confused legislation is now restructuring our NHS.

Parliament rubber stamped structures and ‘laws’, woven under regulations by various newly created executive bodies, whose purposes were made to look beneficent but have resulted in the vulturing of our NHS and with it our nation’s health and welfare.

The Act put total control…

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