If you vote Tory you’re an animal-fucker


Dame Helen Ghosh earns 185,000 pounds a year as head of the National Trust charity which is providing one of the biggest cover ups for illegal hunting this country has ever seen

Campaigners have spent six years in total trying to find out what hunts she gives a trail hunting licence to,  Now campaigners have got increasingly frustrated and have started to storm her lectures shouting BAN THE HUNT all the way through and they are making plans to ensure that the National Trust AGM meeting does not go ahead without strong protest and demonstrations.

Six years have been spent asking the same question “what hunts to do you give a licence to” and not once has a straight answer ever been received.

William Shawcross ,  head of the charity commission claims that the commission  have no legislation to act that exists for a charity that exploits loopholes in the law so effectively and the charity is not subject
to the freedom of information act.

The National Trust claim that the fifty hunts they give a licence to are following an artificial scent

Most of the hunts that The National Trust gives a licence  have been prosecuted for breaking the law, including the very notorious Heythrop Hunt. Repeatedly these hunts are found to be breaking the hunting act but yet are reinstated by the charity



The National Trust is receiving hundreds of emails a week from people making enquiries. It has had a meeting with the League of Cruel Sports and still the public do not know the answer to the question “what hunts do you give a licence to”


Currently everyone is being given this same standard response

“We believe the majority of our trial hunt licences and approved trail hunting dates have ended for this season. We will be reviewing how licences will be issued for the coming year.

We have received a number of communications making enquiries about licensed trail hunts over the past year. The National Trust’s position and information regarding trail hunting is available at https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/our-position-on-field-sports and is being updated with information following the end of this year’s trail hunting dates – this will be available shortly.”

Petitions to sign are




Kate Bradley


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