Gold Rush 5. Trapped for life by the illegal myth of ‘ general incapacity’.


law qote pic15822867_1286496428060868_6633281399696838528_n

The designated County Court of Protection is busy and under a duty to deal with matters expeditiously.

So the next court hearing is case management to move quickly to what is in your loved one’s ‘best interests’.

So wherever possible parties must agree matters before the hearing .

And family members represented or not are harried by the local authority and Official Solicitor into agreement.

Usually in a small, 8×6 windowless room with insufficient chairs for its 5 or more occupants.

With the pressure of never knowing when they will be summoned to court, as all hearings are set for 10.30, a month of sleepless nights and the horror of being in the place that can remove their loved one.

An expert report states they  are ‘incapable’ and this must be agreed before the court has jurisdiction.

Initially the Official Solicitor and Local Authority will try to get you to concede…

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