New evidence of union complicity in blacklisting workers

Cautiously pessimistic

In the latest development from the long-running scandal over the blacklisting of construction workers, previously confidential files have been released that show the level of union complicity in helping employers to keep workers from getting jobs. The Guardian reports:

“Previously confidential documents from the secretive operation suggest that union officials privately warned managers of large companies not to employ specific workers because they were deemed to be politically troublesome.

According to signed statements by managers involved in running the blacklist, trade union officials helped to get some of their own members excluded from jobs as they wanted to prevent disruption on industrial sites.

Files from the blacklist show that trade union officials described individual workers as “militant”, a “troublemaker”, or with a warning to be “careful”.

Evidence of the apparent collusion between trade union officials and managers has led a group of 41 blacklisted workers to call on Unite…

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